Our vocation

"In addition to the joy a child’s arrival in this world brings, a birth is also a gift:  the stem cells contained in the umbilical cord are sources of hope and life."

  • Today the umbilical cord is often treated simply as medical waste, yet it contains precious stem cells.
  • Harvesting these cells is straightforward and using them harms neither mother nor child; it does not create any ethical issues.
  • The donation of these cells by the mother in an accredited maternity unit is a free, generous and anonymous gesture which can save lives and advance research.
  • These cord stem cells are much more easily accessible than stem cells from the bone marrow, in the event of a transplant, and present much fewer rejection problems.
  • We have the experience necessary with regard to cord blood transplants: the first transplant was successfully carried out by Professor Eliane Gluckman in 1988.
  • Many blood diseases are already treated by stem cells including leukaemia, lymphoma and sickle cell anaemia…
  • Regenerative medicine is beginning to confirm the tests it has conducted with cord stem cells. 

The association "Cordons de Vie" was created to help make all these hopes a reality


Our Mission

The association Cordons de Vie raises funds in order to:

  • support medical research on umbilical cord stem cells for the treatment of blood diseases but also in the field of regenerative medicine.
  • develop treatments which are already effective for leukaemia, lymphoma and also sickle cell anaemia in Europe and Africa and help the most destitute to benefit from effective care. 


Rencontre avec le Professeur Locatelli (Hôpital Bambin Jesus Rome)

Présence de Cordons de Vie à la 13ème biennale Monégasque de Cancérologie janvier 2018. 

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