Why support the association

  • If you wish to support scientific and ethical work on umbilical cord or placental stem cells and contribute to the development of research into cellular therapy and regenerative medicine,
  • If you wish to contribute to the development of already-existing treatments to cure the most serious illnesses such as sickle cell anaemia, leukaemias, lymphomas et
  • If you wish to help those most in need, particularly in continental Africa, to benefit from stem cell based treatments essential for their surviva
  • If you wish to be kept regularly informed on the latest concrete results of this innovative research and of its application to the sick,
  • If you wish to contribute to the increase in the number of maternity units committed to retrieving umbilical cord blood and the creation of public cord blood banks, 


Then we need you with us !


By joining our Association, you can participate in our projects through your membership and donations.


Make a donation – become a member of the Association

It’s easy. You can become an active member or a benefactor by printing out the enclosed document and sending it back to us duly completed with your cheque for membership to : "Cordons de vie " 10, rue Bosio 98000 Monaco. Don’t forget to provide us with your email address. We strive to keep postage costs as low as possible and therefore prefer to communicate by email.

Membership Form

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Complete file

English presentation of Cordons de vie
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Le 14 octobre 2016 atelier de travail sur les projets de recherche financés par Cordons de vie. En savoir plus.

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